Murder, Salinas Style

 True stories about the history of murderers
 and their crimes in and around Salinas, CA
    by Lisa Eisemann of Eisemann & Gunter Investigations


Roll Call - The Mayors of Salinas

Roll Call tells the story of the men and one woman who have served as Mayor of Salinas and some of the council members who served with them. There are both comical and tragic stories. From rebuilding after the Great Earthquake of 1906, to political intrigue, the stories, the good, the bad and the ugly are revealed. Throughout the history of Salinas, there has never been a lack of candidates for public office or a lack of controversy and fireworks surrounding the city leaders and those that agree, oppose or question them.

Joe Gunter, the current Salinas Mayor, is author Lisa Eisemann's husband and both have seen that Salinas is a resilient and strong community of hard working and dedicated citizens. Eisemann is a third generation native of Salinas.

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  Roll Call - The Mayors of Salinas

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