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Lisa Eisemann and Joe Gunter offer criminal investigation services that are thorough, reliable, ethical, and prompt, and which are backed by years of professional police training, academic education, and on-the-job experience.

Let their clients tell you about their work and the results that it produces:

"Joe Gunter and Lisa Eisemann have been providing high quality investigative services for our law firm for many years.  We have used other investigators, but none have even approached their diligent work on behalf of both criminal and civil cases.  Their work has resulted in many successful resolutions of difficult cases.  Their results go beyond the normal.  Their high quality work and the prompt turn around of their reports are due not only to their diligence but to their combined practical and academic backgrounds that make them an unparalleled team.  We have the highest respect for both as professional and highly ethical investigators."

--  Joaquin Celaya, Esq. and Kimberly Kirk, Esq.
     Law Office of Celaya and Kirk

Joe Gunter served 32 years on the Salinas Police Department.  For 26 of those years, he was a homicide detective and holds the record for number of homicides solved.  He continues to work for the department as a Background Investigator, one of the few certified background investigators in the city.  His expertise in crime scene investigation, interrogation and interviewing techniques, and his continued presence in the community make him a popular teacher and reference source for other officers and detectives.   He has testified as an expert witness on police procedures, crime scene investigation and in many other law enforcement related areas.

Gunter is certified to teach courses at various police academies and conducts continuing education for officers.  He joined the private investigation firm owned by Lisa Eisemann after his retirement in 2002.  Together, they work a variety of civil and criminal cases not only in Monterey County, but throughout the western states.

Joe Gunter is the first police officer to be elected as Mayor of Salinas. He is a Lifetime member of the Salinas Police Officers' Association and the Past President of the California International Air Show. He sits on the board of the Central Coast Federal Credit Union and is Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, is also a Past President of the Women's Crisis Center for Monterey County, and a volunteer for the California Rodeo in charge of security for the Sponsor's Tent.

Gunter is in his 44th year of service to the Salinas Police Department and the City of Salinas. He is the longest serving officer in the history of the city.


Lisa Eisemann was one of the first female licensed private investigators in Monterey County and made her reputation working on gang homicide cases in the 1990s.  An expert on juvenile gangs and crime scene processing, Eisemann has an academic background including graduate school at U.C. Berkeley, where she was one of only five students accepted to the master's program in Forensic Criminalistics in 1989. 

Her work includes a number of high profile death penalty cases and homicide cases, including the Dorothea Puente appeals case, the Michael Holtry and Ronnie Moore cases and the Krebs case, which came to Monterey County from San Luis Obispo.  She has testified as an expert witness on gangs and crime scene processing and has a history of work in both state and federal courts.

Eisemann and Gunter provide professional investigations in a timely manner.  Both have exceptional and  impressive resumes and enjoy outstanding reputations with long term excellent services making them highly regarded by not only attorneys, but the law enforcement community.

Both Eisemann and Gunter are members of the Monterey County Peace Officer's Association. 

Eisemann was appointed to the Citizen's Advisory Committee for Salinas Valley State Prison and the California Training Facility, (Soledad Prison) in 2006. She now serves as the Vice-Chairperson for the CAC and as historian and archivist for CTF/Soledad Prison.

Lisa Eisemann is also an author of true stories of murder in Salinas, CA. For more information about her books, see Murder, Salinas Style


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"...Their work has resulted in many successful resolutions of difficult cases... We have the highest respect for both as professional and highly ethical investigators."


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