Murder, Salinas Style

 True stories about the history of murderers
 and their crimes in and around Salinas, CA
    by Lisa Eisemann of Eisemann & Gunter Investigations


Murder, Salinas Style: Book One

Murder has long been part of the history of the City of Salinas. From the deaths of innocent children to the horrible and savage mutilation of wives, shop owners and neighbors, Salinas has been rocked by the horror of dozens of murders in the years since the city fathers voted to hire the first police chief in 1903.

In addition to being home to one of the first known female serial killers, Salinas has long fought a reputation of being the gang murder capital of California. The truth is that Salinas has had more victims of murders in non gang- related cases than its residents perhaps would want to know.

In Murder, Salinas Style: Book One, the stories of fifty-four murder victims are told. None of the stories, nor the people in them are gang- related.

The frightening details of each of the crimes are told through the eyes of the police detectives who worked the cases and the newspaper articles that told only part of the story.

Many of the murderers were caught and stood trial, but in some cases the murders remain unsolved. It is hoped this book will remind the citizens of Salinas of the many victims who go unremembered and perhaps jog the memory of a witness who might help solve one of the cold cases that remain open today.

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  Murder Salinas Style: Book One by Lisa Eisemann

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