Murder, Salinas Style

 True stories about the history of murderers
 and their crimes in and around Salinas, CA
    by Lisa Eisemann of Eisemann & Gunter Investigations


Murder, Salinas Style: Book Two

Eisemann's fourth book, Murder, Salinas Style: Book Two is the second in her series about murders in and around Salinas.  Unlike the first book that contained no gang related murders, this volume details the birth of the Nuestra Familia prison gang and street gangs in Salinas.  The graphic and bloody murders of the 1970s tell the story of a conflict that continues to plague the city that now boasts one of the highest murder rates per capita in the country.

During the time it took to write and publish Volume Two, 24 murders were committed in Salinas.  All but one are believed to be gang related.  Very few are solved, a vast difference from 1994 when the city last saw 24 murders, most of which were solved, resulting in convictions.

Told through the eyes of the detectives who worked the cases and with extensive research into the court files, transcripts and publicity surrounding the cases, this book is filled not only with the story of gangs in Salinas, but the sad stories of those who fell victim to domestic violence, drug wars and murder for financial gain.

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  Murder, Salinas Style: Book Two

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