Murder, Salinas Style

 True stories about the history of murderers
 and their crimes in and around Salinas, CA
    by Lisa Eisemann of Eisemann & Gunter Investigations


Murder, Salinas Style: Book Three

Eisemann's fourth book, Murder, Salinas Style: Book Two -- He Shot the Sheriff is the third in her series about murders in and around Salinas. 

Henry Reid Farley was just 28 years old when he was elected Sheriff of Monterey County. The youngest man to be elected Sheriff in California, he was a popular lawman. Less than one year after he took office, he lay dead in his grave. Murder, Salinas Style: Book Three shares a unique glimpse into the lives of both the murderer and his victim while revealing the compelling history of a California town, its citizens, and the violence that has become its legacy.

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  Cover: Murder Salinas Style Book Three

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